Tuesday, December 8, 2015

'Deer' Hunting

Last weekend Adam was deer hunting like most other guy in the northern half of the states.  Saturday we were gone from sun up to sun down, so by Sunday I was ready to stay home the entire day.  I started the morning with snuggles, but after about 30 minutes the kids couldn't be contained in my bed any longer, so I got up and made snowman pancakes.

After breakfast Cullyn was itching to get outside.  I think he was missing his dad too, because he asked if he could 'go shoot the deers' haha!  So, we took advantage of the warm {for December in Iowa} day by putting our mud boots on and going into the 'woods' {around the corner at the lakehouse} with our {play} guns.  They lasted less than 15 minutes.  Jordyn was mad that she kept getting stuck in the mud, and Cullyn was ticked that I wouldn't let him run off {hello--people are shooting real guns this weekend dude!} but we had a good time.  A memory I won't be forgetting anytime soon!  I'm loving their ages right now {2.5 & 4} we are having so much fun!  

Huge thanks to the SpunkyStork for sending us the cutest shirts to wear this weekend.  {leggings found here}  While I'm pretty sure the shirts were created with Christmas in mind, they worked perfect for our 'Deer Hunt' ;) 

 Shirts c/o SpunkyStork | Leggings from Kohls | Boots are Hunter {J} & Carters {C}

They were so fascinated to see a real deer track! They followed them until they were gone.

After our 'deer hunt' we came inside for the rest of the day.  Here are a few of those photos...

Dance parties

I stared this bad boy all by myself {first time ever!}

Being naughty...


  1. This is basically the cutest thing ever! You always dress them in the most adorable outfits too. And I love that fireplace.


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