Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our housing situation & a catch up of sorts...

My sister {Auntie Esha} returned from her vacation to Rome, Venice, & the Netherlands!  Now we just need to get her husband {Uncle Brad} home safely and we'll be happy!  {He's doing a rotation for school overseas until the end of the year}

I survived the busiest two months of my life, but am currently rocking an infection of sorts, so I look like I've been abused.  Jordyn has her 4 year well check today and both kids will get their annual flu shots.  The weather has been just fantastic this Fall {like consistently in the 70's--it even hit 80 on Monday!} but it's currently thunderstorming, so tonights session has to be rescheduled.  Last night Adam and I took a drive around the lake in the Jeep, just the of us, and it was so relaxing.  We except when I drove.  It was my first time driving a stick shift {manual} car since I was in high school, so I was a bit rusty, but I will say, it drives smooth {& I didn't kill it at all!} ;)  Adam and I are celebrating our Anniversary {a few weeks late} tomorrow night and I am so excited already!! :)  And lastly, a house update...

We strongly considered living at the lake and commuting back and forth for two years because we really don't mind the drive {1 hour each way} and really enjoy living at the lake.  Small things, like having the neighbor lady stop over yesterday because she hadn't seen much of us and wanted to make sure we were okay--plus she bought a box of animal cookies for the kids for Halloween that she wanted to give to them.  Or being able to call a guy to fix the breaks on our Jeep and he came out and got it and fixed it and left it out for us to grab that night {before we paid him for it} -- you don't find that in a larger city.  

But two things left us looking for a house in Ankeny.  1. We didn't feel like it was fair to keep driving our kids 175 miles on the highway every day {many days they're awake at 5:30 or 6a, sometimes 5!}and we're nervous for when the snow arrives.  So we felt like if we were going to continue the commute, we needed to switch daycare providers {which we really didn't want to do} and preschools {they don't even offer 2 yo or 2 yo preschool in our lake town}.  2. We really miss living in the Des Moines area.  We love the variety of children's activities that are offered from art classes to gymnastics to swimming to the zoo/science center.  And we miss all of the dining options.  Let's face have no dinner options in a small town.

So we kept looking.  We looked at hundreds of houses online.  And a dozen or so in person.  We tried to make offers on 3 that ended up selling less than 24 hours after listing for over the asking price.  Eventually one came across again and we jumped on it.  I will say, it's a bit scary putting an offer in on a house that you've only looked at for 5 minutes, but we're just praying that this is the right next step for us.  It's less than 5 minutes away from daycare and my sisters house and about 1 mile from our old condo.  So, if all goes well {paperwork-wise} we will be moving into this house the middle of December.  Say a little prayer for us! ;)

[video removed for security purposes]


  1. Love that deck and the yard! Hope you get it!

  2. Your sister is pretty :) Fingers crossed that all goes well with your offer on the house!

  3. Awesome job finding a house!! Hoping it all works out!! Can't wait for pics and more details!!!

    1. Thanks! I'll update more when things get finalized! :)

  4. Okay so I did know this... Baby brain is to blame haha!!


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