Friday, October 23, 2015


Oh Sissy...I can't believe you're FOUR!  We have been so busy, specifically this summer/fall, that in an instant you've turned from a 3 year old toddler to a 4 year old girl!

You are so strong and independent, in a good way.  You're tough as nails and rarely cry from an injury, but you're also sweet as ever, always wanting more lip gloss/nail polish/bracelets/etc. The transition back to preschool was tough for you this year.  Today is your 2nd day in your new {4 year old} preschool class and I'm optimistic that this was the change you needed.  You much prefer to socialize with older children, and you thrive in the classroom.  You love reading in any form...from me, by yourself, to your brother, listening to audio books--any way really.  This warms by heart!  You also enjoy playing and running outside--despite your little legs, you can actually run pretty fast!  It's rare that you let anyone help you get dressed and you prefer to do your own hair.  People always comment on your long hair!  Puzzles are one of your favorite activities, only second to art {of any form!} You love your new sitters and you were so excited to start dance!  I couldn't love that you're a mini-me and I'm secretly thrilled that you love dressing up! :)

You have preschool today, so our Birthday Tradition will look a little different this year.  Once you wake up, we'll send Cullyn to daycare and go do something fun.  We will pick up treats and I'll let you take them to all your preschool friends. After preschool, we'll go to your daycare to have treats with them & bring your brother home.  Daddy has a work trip tonight, so we'll do something fun, just the 3 of us.  After you go to bed, I'll start prepping for your birthday party tomorrow night.  I'm also hoping to get a little photo session of you sometime this weekend.

I'll never forget the morning you made me a mama.  You're such a special girl, Jordyn Lynn!
I'll love you forever…Mama

This post was all you! ;)

My little ballerina!


  1. Love the sass pictures and the ballerina! She looks so much like you.

    1. I don't know where she learns this stuff! I'm a bit nervous for our future!! :)

  2. A belated happy birthday to Jordyn!


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