Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Link Love

I've been collecting a few of my favorite links from around the web...

Des Moines, IA is Really the BestI couldn't agree more.  & now that there is a chance we'll be moving away from the city, I'm realizing it even more!

Random Questionnaire I Found Funny | I have a few friends in advertising, so I thought this was cute

On Treasuring Every Second | For real, it goes so fricking fast!

How To Write A Condolence | I had to use this recently when a co-worker lost her 26 year old daughter. Good advice--wish I didn't have to use it. :(

Date Your kids | We all know how I feel about dating your kids, but this is just too sweet!! {all the heart eyes!}

Keeping Your Home Tidy | Most of this stuff I already did, but I still found a few tips especially helpful!

It Goes Fast | Have I mentioned how fast kids grow up ;) This is a great visual to remind us just how little time we have to show our children what they need to learn.

Another Parenting Post | Okay, my last parenting post.  This one is fun to read when you're feeling guilty for not being the 'perfect' mom {in today's eyes anyways} #OurKidsAreGonnaBeOkay

A Mother's Schedule | What being a SAHM is really like. ;)

We Got This | Paragraph 3

53 Books You Won't Be Able To Put Down | Some I've read, some I want to read {Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher}, some I have no interest in reading...I just love book lists.

Teachers & Students | A peptalk I think all kids should hear at the beginning of the year. :)


Thanks for taking the time to read some of our story & especially for commenting!

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