Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Swimming Lessons

Every year I have the kids take swimming lessons at the end of spring in preparation for a summer filled with water. Jordyn took Waterbabies at the Y when she was about 6 months, we skipped lessons in 2013 because I had Cullyn, last Spring {C1, J2} they took lessons at the Y {although it wasn't a great experience}, so this year we decided to try them outside at one of the local pools through the City of Ankeny.  

Jordyn had lessons Monday - Thursday the first 2 weeks of June and Cullyn had lessons the 2nd 2 weeks.  The weather was a bit cool for Jordyn's class {although she was such a trooper!} and Cullyn had some rainy weather, but overall it was pretty good for both.  Jordyn did really well {blowing bubbles, front float, back float, etc.} and would have moved up to the next level, but she didn't want to go all the way under water the day they asked {although, I still don't think she's totally comfortable on her back} so she'll be repeating the Under 5 class next year.  Her instructors were great.  Cullyn's class was more of a free for all, which was disappointing.  They basically played in the water and blew bubbles a few times {seriously}  I get that he's only 2, but he does much more than that with us, so I was hoping for a bit more.  I really wish I could have put him in Jordyn's class, but they wouldn't let us because he's just 2.  Next year, he'll be in the same class with Jordyn and I think that will be much better. 

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