Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ice Cream | 2015

I knew as soon as we did this last year, we would have to make it a tradition.  At least until the kids are old enough to eat ice cream without making a huge mess. ;)

Details :: 
The heat index was well into the triple digits. 
Both kids received a 'wipe bath' before getting in the van & a proper bath within 3 seconds of returning home. 
Cullyn dropped his cone in the grass & refused to stop eating it.  He also has crazy post-nap hair.  And a personality to match!
It took my 5 times washing Jordyn's shirt to get all of the chocolate ice cream out of it.  Also?  She's opposite of her brother and was greatly bothered by the mess! {she's SO my girl!}
The adorable shirts are c/o TheBeesKneesLA {thank you!}

2014 Ice cream Shoot


  1. Ugh this gives me anxiety. haha
    The girls get food EVERYWHERE no matter what it is, it's been hard to just let it go.
    Love their shirts!

    1. I must admit, I HATE messes, but if I go into it knowing they'll get messy {like this day} I'm oddly okay with it. As my husband would say...'anything for the photo' lol! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? It's one of the best parts of summer!!

  3. I NEED those shirts! And these are SO cute. You rock these cute shoots.


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