Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summertime | Ice Cream

Now that we're back from Florida {and me Mexico}, things are starting to slow down and we're slowly getting back into routine.  Mainly that means working more than 9 days of the month, going to the gym several days a week, eating dinner at home, & bedtimes before 10p!
It hit me while on vacation that we haven't done so many of the 'staples' of summertime that I like to do.  Last summer I was still phasing back to work after the arrival of our little man, so we had many days to soak up the little things like splash parks, strawberry picking, and ice cream!
Now that we're all home, I'm making an effort to do some of our favorites…like stopping for ice cream! :)
You can thank me for posting my favorite 40 shots instead of the full 100!! :)

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