Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Birthday Wishlist | Me

My birthday is coming, less than a week away already.  It really snuck up on me this year!  I suppose it's because we're crazy busy or maybe it's because we won't be celebrating on my birthday {I decided to book a last minute wedding instead of going to the Ozarks with friends}  Regardless, I'm just hoping to spend Sunday with my family and be able to eat cake with my kids. :)  With all that's going on, we decided not to do gifts, but I still have to post a wishlist because I've been craving shopping so terribly lately!  So get ready, these requests are all over the board...

a new cell phone case!  these earrings.  this picnic blanket.  a necklace like this. or this.  or this. or this. or this. the perfect glass cake stand & lid {yet to be found}.  some new shirts {also yet to be found}.  these distressed shorts.  this handmade beach tote.  a shawl like this. a new suit jacket.  these lounge pants {I just made my first Lululemon purchase and I am HOOKED!  This is not going to be good!} patio furniture like thisKeens.  Bike Shorts. I need a light for my bike & an insulated water bottle. Plus a Kayak or Paddleboard {I've contacted someone off Craigslist about a kayak, but I'm waiting to hear back}

How's that for 'not doing gifts' {eek!} On a positive note, I've got a great start on my Christmas list! ;)

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