Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Independence Day Weekend | 2015

Better late than never...

I got to the lake about 1p and mowed and got things set up for the weekend.  Adam got off work, grabbed some essentials, and got to the lake around 6/7p. We poured a few drinks {water for the kids, vodka/sprite for the adults}, had pizza for dinner, ran into town to grab my new camera lens {!!}, came back to the lake for s'mores, attempted to catch fireflies {lightening bugs} but there weren't any {say what?!}, and ended the night at our friends' lake house.

Cullyn's Tank | Jordyn's Tee

Woke up and made a breakfast picnic to eat at Fun Valley.  Went to Adam's parents to help with a few things.  Lounged most of the day.  Went to our friend's parent' lake house for dinner and a private fireworks show.  Jordyn liked the fireworks {not the really loud ones}, Cullyn didn't like the fireworks.  Both kids fell asleep in our arms that night! :)

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Cullyn jumped into the water completely clothed and ended up having to run around in his {wet} undies the rest of the night. #Stinker

Cullyn throwing his first fireworks
A couple of jet boats racing on the lake

My parents and sister & brad came to the lake.  We made popsicles, took boat rides, rode the ranger around, played croquet, lit fireworks, enjoyed root beer floats {Jordyn liked it, Cullyn was unsure about the root beer}, devoured Adam's smoked turkey {& ribs & pork butt}, & watched an incredible firework show.

What happens when you give someone your DSLR for a photo.. :)

Shirts c/o ABEEcustomlittleTEES

My mom, sister and I got up early to go canoeing/kayaking before the guys went out to fish.  We had so much fun, and the weather was just perfect!  The rest of the day we went out on the boat, drove around on the ranger, etc. before I left to shoot my first 2016 senior session.  

Such a fun weekend with some of our favorite people!  

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