Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kansas City Weekend

We just came back from a whirl-wind trip to Kansas City for our friend's wedding.  Friday morning Jordyn had her last day of 2 year old preschool & Adam worked.  Cullyn and I went home and packed, cleaned, & ran errands so we could take off as early as possible. 

First thing we did was check into the hotel.  This was the first time we've stayed in a hotel as a family of four.  In fact, I think the only time Jordyn's been to a hotel was when she was 7 months old, so they thought it was pretty cool! :)

After we got settled into the hotel, we drove down to The Plaza and walked around while enjoying ice cream.  From the place we drove to Union Station, before finding a suitable place for dinner.

We ended up going to Woodyard BBQ since it was featured on so many Food Network shows.  While the atmosphere and service were excellent, the food itself left a bit to be desired.  Except for those fries...those were money!  We should also mention, it was late, well past dinner time, and we were the last people there, so I'm sure that played into it as well.

After dinner, we called it night.  The kids settled into their cot, Adam flipped on the TV for a bit, & I worked on my computer and read before bed.

The next morning we tried so badly to go to Eggtc. but ran into race traffic and didn't have enough time to.  So {.3 miles from our destination} we turned around and headed to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead to meet my parents.  This place is awesome!  It's $2 per person to enter and there are tons of animals to look and tractors to ride or {fake} cows to milk for free.  There are also some activities you can pay to do like ride a pony, mine for gold, fish, feed the chickens and goats, take a hayride, etc.  Everything is in great condition and as clean as a farm can be.  Plus it supports a great cause. 

This is a true Cullyn photo...hands in his pants at all times! #Boys

Around noon we left the kids & the parents and picked up a pizza for lunch before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  SPIN pizza was seriously SO good, I would definitely go back there again! 

In no time we were at Eric & Mallory's wedding...the real reason for the trip.  It was a Catholic wedding, so I asked my parents to watch the kids, assuming it would last over an hour.  You can imagine my surprise when we were leaving the church 30 minutes later!  The church was HUGE and beautiful, this photo does not justice.  Speaking of photos, Adam and I discussed this was the first wedding since before our wedding that we attended as a couple {where he wasn't DJing or playing in the band, and I was photographing}.  

After the wedding, we grabbed the kids from my parents room and brought them downstairs to the reception.  Sadly, we didn't get a photo outside and the lighting in the hallway was terrible.  But trust me, my family looked adorable! :)

These photos weren't staged, I just happened to have my camera close enough to grab a couple of photos...

The kids loved the reception.  They had gift bags full of entertainment for the kids {coloring books/crayons, snacks, books, etc.} and for dinner they had three stations of Mexican, Italian, & American food, so it was very kid friendly.  Once the dance started, our kids became obsessed with the other kids.  Cullyn must of liked the little girl he was sitting by at the reception because we caught them kissing {multiple times} on the dance floor.  When Cullyn wasn't kissing his little girlfriend, he was running around the square perimeter of the dance floor.  Jordyn found another friend named Emmett, so she was pretty excited about that.  Her favorite part of the night was sneaking back to our table to grab bites of her cupcake! :)   Around 9:30 we took them back to my parents rooms to stay the night.

Photobooth fun

After the dance ended, we went to a groomsman's room for a little after hours jam session.  The guys took turns playing the guitar and singing songs.  I'm sure the neighbors loved us! :)  It was after 1a when we called it at night.

Sunday morning I grabbed the kids from my parents, packed up, & headed to my sister's in laws for Mother's Day before heading back home. 

Overall, it was a great trip.  I'm so happy we were able to see our friend's wedding and that my parents & sister/bil were able to make a weekend of it as well.  It went too fast, and we didn't get to half of the places I had hoped {restaurants, parks, Legoland, etc.} so we would like to go back again sometime this winter.  The kids did fantastic all weekend--they always seem to amaze me when we go places with them.  It makes me hopeful for our trip to the Ozarks this summer. :)

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