Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jordyn + Cullyn 12|52

Jordyn | Jordyn was sick this week.  Once she started feeling better, it was my turn.  I had to use a movie as a babysitter a few times.  It took Jordyn all of 10 seconds to learn to use the remote during that time.  She was so proud of herself! :)

Cullyn | Suddenly Mr. Independent!  He insists on walking {not being carried--specifically in/out of the house}, taking his own pants off & climbing {literally} onto the toilet, putting his own socks & shoes on/off, and getting dressed.  We've heard a lot of 'I do it' this week! I suppose this is normal since he'll be two in less than a month!!

Murdock | He thoroughly enjoyed all of the laying around we did this week!

Kids | They clearly took my 'no jumping on the bed' rule very seriously! #Stinkers


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's a blurry mess of happy, which is pretty much our house motto!! ;)

  2. Murdock is so cute all stretched out!!


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