Monday, December 29, 2014

This & That {v.50}

Did this:
Spent most of the week SICK {Influenza & Bronchitis}
The kids spent the beginning of the week with my parents {since our sitter was off}
Home date {since I wasn't feeling up to much} rented The Other Woman & The Lone Survivor {I fell asleep before Adam started TLS}
Christmas Eve Church 
'Recorded' Santa coming to our house with the Kringl app
Christmas morning at the Lake
My inlaws had all 8 of the grandkids plus Vanessa's dog sleepover before our Christmas on Saturday
Played lots of games
Lounge ALL DAY on Sunday {with the exception of church}
My kids were exceptionally good all weekend {proud parents!}
Read 'The One & Only' by Emily Giffin
Backed up my iPhone {definitely blog worthy since the last time I did it was July and it kept telling me I was out of space!}
Still waiting for snow...

Instagrammed that

Photographed this:
Everyone gives little brother makeovers in their underwear, right?! He is such a good little brother!  :)
Edited that
Not one was a wonderful break! :)

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