Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Books | October, November, December

This is busy season for me both personally {holidays/Jordyn's Birthday} and professionally {everyone wants fall/Christmas photos}, so most of these books were 'read' {listened to!} while editing.

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{July|August|September 2014 can be found here}

Second Chances by HM Ward*
Trouble by Samantha Towle*
Revival by Noelle Adams*
Summer Days by Lisa Jackson, Mary Carter, Holly Chamberlin, & Elizabeth Bass
Hardwired::The Hacker Series by Meredith Wild*
Hardpressed::The Hacker Series by Meredith Wild*
Hardline::The Hacker Series by Meredith Wild*
Sprinkles on Top::A Sugar Springs Novel by Kim Law

Take Me For Granted by K.A. Linde
Undeclared::Woodlands Book 1 by Jen Frederick
Undressed::Woodlands Book 2 by Jen Frederick
The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks*
Unbelonging by Sabrina Stark
Rebelonging by Sabrina Stark
Fly Away by Kristin Hannah
Illegal Fotrunes by Sabrina Stark
Mr. Beautiful::Up In The Air Book 4 by R.K. Lilley

Getting Out of Hand :: Saphpire Falls Book 1 by Erin Nicholast
Getting Worked Up :: Saphpire Falls Book 2 by Erin Nicholast
Getting Dirty :: Saphpire Falls Book 3 by Erin Nicholast
Not Quite Forever :: The Forever Series by Catherine Bybee
The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult {Couldn't finish!}
Hard Limit ::Hacker Series Book 4 by Meredith Wild
The One & Only by Emily Giffin*

I ended up reading 110 books in 2014.  For having two small kids, a full time job, a side business, & social life, I would call that a success!

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  1. So what do the asterisks mean? Thanks for the list, put some of them on reserve.


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