Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jordyn Singing | 3 Years

We hardly ever take video of the kids.  I know, this is something I'm totally going to regret {heck, I already do!} but truth is, I don't even know how to use our video recorder {it always tells me the memory is full even though it can't be, because we haven't even used it 6 times} and my phone never has enough space left to take video.  Admittedly, 99% of the kids' video has been taken by Adam.  

This one happened to be recorded by Uncle Myles when we were at their house last week.  Aunt Ashley is the one laughing.  It's not Jordyn's best 'performance' by any means, but it's the one we caught on video.  The song is Rude by Magic.  Adam's band sings the song, so now Jordyn has learned it. I think it's adorable. I will never tire of hearing Jordyn {or Adam's} voice.  I just hope she continues to like singing!

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  1. Your husband has an awesome voice!! And of course, Jordyn does too! So cute.


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