Monday, October 13, 2014

This & That {v.39}

Late, as usual, but at least it's still Monday! :)  You would think this would have been posted earlier since I've been off work all day today {the sitter has the flu} but any stay at home mom knows just how difficult it is to get any time for yourself during the day.  And attempting to work from home with two kids two and under?  ha!  Mad props to work from home mamas.  I truly have no idea how you do it every day!

Did this:
Got a few sneak peeks from our family photo session
Took the kids to the annual rescue vehicle event in town for Fire Safety Week
Watched Emmett & Ayden for a few hours so Jon & Jess could go out for their anniversary
Had a pizza picnic at the park with the kids 
Bought new books for fall
Shot 3 sessions
Edited my last wedding of 2014
Had friends and family out to the lake house on Saturday night
Took Jordyn to Glitterazzi 
Gave Cullyn a haircut
Took a day of PTO to hang with the kids
Had chili for the first time ever! :)

Instagrammed that

Shot this

Edited that

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