Friday, September 12, 2014

life update

I'm fighting the urge to go get the kids from daycare early, but the idea of spending $60 for Cullyn to spend 2 1/2 hours and Jordyn 1 hour makes me leave them there and use this time for something productive.  Like editing the 5000 photos that need finished {and this super important blog post obviously}

It's cold it Iowa right now.  Like the high is 47 today.  Ugh!  Two weeks ago I was rescheduling photo sessions due to extreme heat and humidity.  Today I rescheduled because because it's too cold {& rainy} for a one year old or three year old.  Photographer problems.  Also?  It's supposed to be like 30* tomorrow morning.  So much for tailgating for the Iowa/Iowa State game. :(

I'm wrapping up deals for Jordyn's 3rd birthday.  I'm still in denial.  Three.  Really?!  Also, I've had 'post Cullyn's 1st birthday photos' on my to do list since April.  Maybe before he's 1 1/2?!

Jordyn turns three on our five year wedding anniversary.  My mom offered to take our kids for the weekend so we could go somewhere to celebrate.  I'm totally torn.  I want to spend a long weekend in Galena, IL, but every time I think about the money we would spend, I feel like it would be smarter to put it towards some debt.  Or pay for Jordyn's birthday and Christmas expenses.  But I wonder if I'll look back and wish we took the time to celebrate our anniversary.  After all, who cares if we pay the car off two months early.  Gah…being an adult sucks sometimes.  Especially times like when I got a letter in the mail from the IRS yesterday saying we owe $700 for an error on our 2012 taxes.  Really?  Or the fact I still need to renew the tags on both of our cars.  Can I just be 17 again?!

Photography is insane right now.  I finished one wedding this week.  I'm hoping to finish another wedding this weekend.  And I shoot my last wedding of 2014 next weekend.  I had my first inquiry for 2015 this week, so I'm getting excited about that.  Also, I'm trying to get a website together.  And I'm hoping to do my first wedding show next year.  And, I got a credit card machine.  I'm feeling so official now!  Maybe someday I'll be able to go full time!!!

Okay, I have photos to edit and only a couple of hours left before I pick the kids up from daycare, so I better get focused.  Have an awesome weekend everyone.  And GO HAWKS!

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  1. Time is going by WAY too fast. Iz and I STILL haven't sent thank yous for our wedding and it was in May. We suck.


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