Monday, August 4, 2014

The & That {v.30}

Did this:
Shot photos for work in the OR
Listened to Adam's band play the the Balloon Festival :)
Photographed a senior
Took the kids to my parents for the weekend
Had a date night in
Worked Friday {I know, gasp!}
Went out for sushi
Celebrated my BFF's Birthday
Boated all day
Listened & danced to a live band at the marina
Went to brunch at Americana
Wandered through the Sculpture Park
Went to two casinos {almost tripled my money at the 2nd one}
Dominated put-put golf
Picked the kids up & went out for ice cream
Helped Ashley on a few wedding projects
Prepared for new students

Instagrammed that

Shot this: 

Edited that:

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