Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our vacation in numbers...

Our vacation in numbers...

0 number of children that walked down the isle
1 gorgeous wedding celebration we attended
1.5 books read
2 times we went to Urgent Care
3 days of swimming before Jordyn learned to 'swim' {with a life jacket} around the pool by herself
4 people rode in the minivan to Florida
5 prescriptions given from said urgent care trips
states we traveled to/through
times we watched 'Dunstin Checks In' in the car
8 people staying in our beach house 
9 local restaurants eaten at
10 days spent on vacation
17ish stops made for food, gas, & potty breaks
34 different license plates spotted
$490.55 spent on fuel
1700+ photos taken {in my defense 1500 were of Alicia's wedding!}
3101.5 miles traveled

*real vacation posts coming soon {hopefully!} :)


  1. Can't wait to see all the pictures! You have us beat. We only had 1 Urgent Care trip.

  2. Love all but 2 and 5. Duh.


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