Monday, June 30, 2014

This & That {v.26}

I'm in full on freak-out mode right now. and yet here I am posting about the weekend and editing some photos over my lunch hour.  The oil change is done, Murdock went to the vet, and the lake house is {mostly} ready for company.  Unfortunately, nobody is packed {at all!}, dirty laundry is piled high, the condo {& car} is filthy, & I still have a photoshoot to do!  I'm pretty sure I should have taken all week off {still debating about taking Wednesday off--we leave Wednesday evening}, but work is crazy and demanding extra attention right now too.  Adam is trying his best to keep me grounded and reminding me that regardless of the condition of our condo, we are leaving on Wednesday and the world will not end if it isn't vacuumed before we go. :)  Vacation prep is intense guys!

Did this:
Started making lists and completing pre-wedding/vaca tasks
Walks, park trips & ice cream
Late night highlight for this mama
Engagement photos for an August bride & groom
Cleaned out the lake house & hung decor
Photoshoot of my babies
Shot run & evening out with lake friends
Sunday spent with our BFFs at the lake
Made a retaining wall to help move all.of.the.rain away from the lake house 

Instagrammed that

Shot this:
We've experienced a lot of rain around here lately, so naturally we had to go splash in it! :)
Edited that:
a beautiful bridal shower

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  1. Splashing in rain water and giant puddles is the best!


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