Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jordyn Goes Fishing {& her first s'mores of 2014}

Fishing is one of the many hobbies {hello?  Singing, golfing, ice fishing, hunting, cooking, etc.} my husband enjoys.  Living part-time on a lake means that he gets to go fishing often {even if it's for just a few hours here and there}.  Last weekend, we were at his sister & brother in laws house, with his other sister & brother in law and parents, and decided to take Jordyn fishing for her first time.  So, in between rain storms, we headed down to the dock.  It so adorable watching how excited she was to go fishing with daddy and the boys! :)

Unfortunately it was very brief due to another rainstorm, and a really crappy pole that continued to need attention, but I guess this gives us another time to celebrate when she actually catches her first fish! :)

Later that evening, we had all kind of goodies {code for I can't remember the name!} from the smoker.

This is hard boiled eggs, wrapped in breakfast sausage, wrapped in bacon...I believe.  They were delicious!
These are sliced turkey sausage, wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cream cheese, & topped with jelly...again, I think! :)
They also smoked two pork loins - one spicy & one regular- and two beer can chickens. 

My nephew caught several fish & a bullfrog. Funny story, he set his fishing pole down to go grab that frog and her a plunk, which was his fishing pole sinking to the bottle because he had a fish on it.  So he hopped in his kayak and went over to the area.  After a while, he jumped in and grabbed the fishing pole--with the fish still attached.  Only that boy! ;)

Later that evening, we made a fire for s'mores!  We make fires at the lake all of the time, but it's typically after the kids go to bed, so they don't get them often.  Jordyn hadn't had a s'more since Michigan, but she sure remembered them and couldn't drag her chair down fast enough to start making one! :)

Tired babies! Grandma & Grandpa took them home for a sleepover shortly afterwards

Ava's going to make me take this photo down someday! :)

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