Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dropping The Ball {er phone}...

A photo of my family from my sisters' bridal shower {I was having a great time, despite my look of exhaustion--we've been running ourselves ragged the last few months} 
You guys…I feel like I'm continuously dropping the ball on life right now.  It's been on thing after the other.

Loosing my wallet {do you know how big of a pain in the arse it is to start replacing your wallet?!}  Update::Jordyn found it just as all of my replacement cards were starting to come in the mail!  It was in her purse, in the toy room.  ::sigh:: On the upside, nobody got anything from us.  Andddd?  I never went to the DMV to get a new ID.

Constantly misplacing phone chargers, phones, Kindles, shoes, etc.

The 1/2 marathon I trained for months for, was written on my calendar for the wrong day.  If it weren't for my BFF, I would have shown up on Sunday and missed the race altogether.  #IWouldaBeenPissed

And last weekend, while stepping from the boat to the dock I somehow managed to drop my phone into the lake.  Losing 3000+ photos and videos of my babies from the past couple of months.  Resulting in many tears, headaches, & a heafty almost $200 charge.  Ugh!

I think this is finally the reminder I've needed…I need to SLOW DOWN and get organized again!   Family, full time jobs, and a photography business are proving to be all I can handle right now.  I'm missing too much by 'going' 24/7.  So if you invite us to something this summer, don't be surprised if we opt out.  I really need to scale back and focus on my family more.  Life is just too short to go, go, go.


  1. This is a good reminder for all of us to, as they say, stop and smell the roses! Slow it down mama!! Sorry about your phone :(

  2. Awe I'm sorry. What "bummers". :( A good reminder for sure.


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