Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cullyn | 14 Months

{Play & Activity}
You LOVE to play and climb, especially in your room!
You climb everywhere, always!
You clap, high five, & high ten
You grab books from your shelf and flip through the pages.
Music calms you when you're upset
Your favorite 'toys' are chalk, drums, & guitars. :)
You love to splash and drink bathwater from the tub

{Growth & Development}
You're walking everywhere now
You say Mama, Daddy, Thank you, and NO! all the time
You understand and answer questions correctly.  Do you want _____?  Are you tired _____?  Say _____. 
You take 1 [afternoon] nap per day & sleep 11-12 hours per night
You have 12 teeth, wear size 3 diapers, mainly 12 month clothing, & are 20 lbs.
You don't bit as much anymore, but you still get mama and sissy.
You smile and laugh all of the time!

You love attention
You're not fearful of strangers
You my little snuggle bug, but you're starting to get more independent


Jordyn | 14 Months

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  1. I love that photo!! 12 teeth!! Love all his words too.


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