Monday, April 7, 2014

This & That {v. 14}

Did this:
Took the kids to the park
Cullyn is taking steps consistently now
Jordyn & I got haircuts
Adam & I went to a 'retirement' party for a friend
Jordyn had her first Dentist Appointment
Vanessa & Aliya had prom so we spent Friday night and Saturday preparing {nails, makeup, hair, & photos!} :)
We all went to a surprise 30th Birthday Party {the iCubs season opener}
Ran 7 miles {Outside again!} 
Spent Sunday cleaning the condo with the windows open…it was heavenly! :)
Adam helped a coworker move
Finished the book 'First Love'
Cullyn got his first haircut
We had a family froyo date

Instagrammed that:

Shot this: 

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  1. It wasn't quite warm enough for windows open, although we did open the vehicles up and one window a crack! Sounds like a pretty good weekend! Love that picture of Jordyn with the camera!! Priceless! Taking after her mama!!


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