Friday, March 21, 2014

Photos on Friday::Erin Labor Photoshoot

I was so excited to have this mama let me take her labor photos.  Leaving her house for her maternity session the night before in the blizzard, I feared she would go into labor, but she didn't.  She text me first thing the next morning saying she was having regular contractions, but was going to wait at home a little longer.  Around noon she text me that she was going to the hospital, since I was close, I popped over to take some photos.  I had intended on staying to hear that she was being admitted and then going back to work for a couple of hours before returning for her delivery early that evening.  Unfortunately {for all parties} baby girl took her sweet time coming out and I had to leave town before her 10p delivery.  I'm so thankful I could at least sneak a few photos in before I left town. 

This was my first labor session and I did learn a few things.
1.  People watching labor get labor pains too {it's really hard to watch someone in pain}.  Also, semi-related, if you're already having baby fever, these sessions DO NOT help to deter that! :)
2.  I will go to the hospital when they're about 5cm {depending the how many deliveries the person has had}
3.  These are hands down, my most favorite photo sessions to shoot.  There are no words to describe how amazing and beautiful the birth of a baby is.  I want to do this for the rest of my life

Erin had a really long labor and was in great pain, but she was such a trooper!!

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