Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter Baskets & Books {2yoGirl | 1yoBoy}

I always try to make Easter Baskets practical, so they vary each year depending on when the kids' needs are.  {This will be Cullyn's 1st Easter, he came just weeks after Easter last year}  I hope this helps your Easter Bunny this year...
Same tins as last year {I believe I got them at Target}
This year the kids are both getting TOMS.  Typically I get them Keens for Easter since they would need a pair for summer, but they were both covered already this year and Zulily had a sale on TOMS {which will be perfect for our family photos in April} so I went ahead and purchased these. 

L to R :: Target | Younkers | Kohls
Swimwear is another thing I always like to put in Easter baskets.  Probably because my mama used to do this for us.  Cullyn got two because he only has one {and we're going to Florida this year}.

Mainly from Kohls, some from Old Navy & Younkers, Jammies from Children's Place
I like to get the kids Easter pajamas {because they usually need spring/lighter weight jammies at this time anyways}, unfortunately I couldn't find any easterish jammies for Cullyn so he got a spring jacket instead {Jordyn has like 3 right now}.  It's also the perfect time to give the kids a couple of new summer clothes {which, again, they would need anyways}.  Jordyn fits into many of her summer clothes from last year, so I just got her a few new pieces {mainly for Florida}.  Cullyn obviously doesn't have anything for summer so he got lots.  {Can you tell I'm loving all of the nautical wear out there right now?!} 

Since Jordyn's basket was a little less {moneywise} I loaded her up with some of her favorites {chapstick & nail polish}.  She didn't have any sunglasses and begged for these when we were shopping the other day, so her dad bought them for her.  She is currently obsessed with coloring & stickers so I got her an activity book and new crayons {on clearance at Target}

The final piece I added to their baskets {after the photos} was a gift certificate for swimming lessons at the local YMCA.  I love to have the kids take swimming lessons right before summer to help get them reacquainted to the water again.  {Another thing my wonderful mama always did for us!} :)

*Also, we haven't ever given chocolate in Easter baskets {since our kids don't really eat it--and Grandparents do good enough providing naughty treats like fruit snacks!} but I do like to add a few snacks like puffs, raisins/craisins, goldfish, etc. 

And lastly, my kids are obsessed with books {which I love} so this is what we've been reading nonstop for the last week...
All of them are board books with the exception of The Berenstain Bears' book
Easter Basket Ideas for an 18 Month Girl


  1. Oh my gosh those teeny little Toms!!!

  2. Love it all! Great job! I ordered Avery 5 pairs of Toms from the sale and she's already grown out of three! I am so bummed.


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