Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Investing in my Marriage

The sitter is vacationing in the Caribbean, so the kids are at Gram and Papa's house for the week.  I know we are so, extremely fortunate to have family willing and able to take our kids, especially since we don't have a back-up sitter and we're still paying our regular sitter, but deep down, I hate that they're gone all week.  I know, many of you without family close by {ours are 1-2 1/2 hours away} want to close this browser right now, since I'm 'complaining' about having free help.  Sorry, not really, I'm just not one of those moms that does well when her kids are gone.  A few hour break, yes please!  An evening a week, sign me up!  But a full week. not so much!

But!  I'm putting my big girl pants on, Face Timing with the kids and Murdock morning, noon, and night, and spending this week investing in my marriage.  You guys know how tough in can be, especially when you're trying to stretch your time being a mama, an employee, a business owner, a friend, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, etc. and a wife.  Plus, there are only so many hours a day to work, run errands, work out, go to appointments….

Anyways {this is getting pretty windy!} we have spent the week doing things we used to.  On Sunday, after we dropped the kids with Gram and Papa, we went to the casino {a favorite activity of Adam's}.  On Monday, after work, the gym, and dinner, we went to the little bar up the road that we used to go to when we first met {another favorite place of Adam's}.  On Tuesday, we went to the gym together in the morning, I played hookie, and Adam brought home sushi from a local restaurant.  We finished the night with a couple good movies, popcorn, & wine in front of the fireplace.  On Wednesday, we worked out at the gym, then I ran errands, and came home and enjoyed wine, chocolate, and a good book while soaking in a bubblebath.  Afterwards, I gave myself a mani/pedi. {a favorite activity of mine}.  On Thursday, we went out to dinner at a new restaurant {Blue Tomato for the locals} and out for dessert {one of my favorite things to do} at a Sbrocco.

Although I'm missing my kids something fierce, it's been a really, really good week taking time to slow down and enjoy some quality time with my hot hubby.  I'm good about meeting the needs of my children, but I really need to work on meeting the needs of my husband.  For him {and me!} that's quality time.  No phones {him} no laptop {that's me!}, just us.  Chatting and dreaming, like we used to! :)

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  1. So glad you made time to do this and enjoyed it!!! Makes you appreciate the small things and see that the speak is still there!!


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