Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cullyn {10 Months}

 You're 10 Months Cully Man!
I'm flooded with emotions at the thought of planning your FIRST seems unread!  You are acting like a little boy more and more every day. 
You just came down with a nasty double ear infection {despite working tubes} last week, and hand, food & mouth this week, but you're still sleeping through the night!  We lay you down around 8p and you sleep until we wake you {usually 7} or 8a.  You're still taking a morning nap {up to an hour}, an afternoon nap {about an hour}, and a little, early evening nap {up to 30 minutes}.  I'm hoping to cut your evening nap soon.  
You eat about four, eight-ounce bottles throughout the day.  You're getting better about drinking your bottle all in one sitting at 8a, noon, 4p, and 8p.  You're 100% on table food now.  We finely dice everything up and you feed yourself.  You’ve had avacados, puffs, peaches, pears, fruit bars, green beans, pees, cheerios, eggs, lasagna, chicken, pizza, yogurt, and pancakes.  Green beans, yogurt and pancakes are your favorite right now!
You're in size 3 diapers, size 6 or 9 month onesies, and 9 month clothes.  You wear 6-12 month jammies.  You weigh 18 lbs. We still aren't good about putting shoes one you, but we're going to start this month.  You wear size 4's.  You have 6 teeth {4 on top, 2 on bottom}
You’re pulling yourself up and crawling to everything now.  You refuse to sit in the bathtub, which as resulted in some pretty good bumps and bruises.  :(  You can no longer be trusted by stairs or the dog food bowls!  Anything you find on the floor goes directly into your mouth.  You love to eat paper, steal your sister's sippy cups, and play with your drum set! :)  You can giggle and say dada and mama, but you don't really 'talk' much.  
You celebrated your first Valentine's Day, you're good at going up the stairs and decent at coming back down, and you stayed with Gram and Papa for a week while your sitter was on vacation.
We are so blessed to have you.  You light up the room with your huge smile.  We love you so much!  --Mama & Daddy 

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