Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What I Eat {a picky eater watching calories}

Cullyn {& therefore Adam and I, too!} had a rough night again, not falling asleep until after 3a.  These are the mornings I want to stuff my face with a donut and mt. dew before starting my day, as a reward for getting out of bed, but instead I'll write about my 'new' eating habits....
In 2014, I'm really putting time and effort into my body.  With two sisters getting married +  three beach vacations this year, I've been motivated to try to find it again.  

I use MyFitnessPal all day, everyday.  {which helps me stay accountable instead of just guessing how many calories I taken in and what I have left.

I drink water all day, everyday. {this helps keep my body mind full, plus it's obviously good for everyone!}

I try to workout every day. Depending on my workouts, my food will change.  For instance, if I do kickboxing {burns tons of calories} then I usually have pasta {because I love pasta but never have enough calories for it unless I kickbox.  If I run or do the elliptical {burns less calories than kickboxing, but still a decent amount}, I usually have a piece of chocolate or some treat that I don't usually get to 'reward' myself.  If I walk or push the stroller, I usually reward myself with a soda or a glass of wine.  I'll post about my gym routine separately.

Okay, now to the part I was really getting to...
I'm a really picky eater, so I have to control my portion size to stay under my calories for the day.  But, I make it work for me. Also, I don't mind eating the same thing every.single.day.  Again, it works for me.

Breakfast {5-8a depending on the day}
if I'm craving a donut, I eat a peanut butter, chocolate chip granola bar {I love the Quaker ones}
if I'm crazing something hearty, I eat a scrambled egg with a little diced lunch meat and shredded cheese
if I'm lazy, I eat toast with butter or peanut butter on it.

Morning Snack{9-10a depending on the day}
I'll have a little slice of cheese {I love Laughing Cow garlic and herb} with a few crackers {usually Wheat Thins or Thin Crisps}
Sometimes I have a handful of almonds, a string cheese, or some popcorn.

Lunch{11a-12p depending on the day}
if I know I'll be working out, I'll eat a personal sized frozen pizza.
if I know I won't be working out, I'll eat a lunchmeat sandwich.
if I'm lazy, I will eat a portion of leftovers from dinner the night before.

Afternoon Snack{2-3p depending on the day}
if I know I'll be working out, I'll eat a mini bag of baked chips.
if I know I won't be working out, I'll eat a mini bag of popcorn.
if I'm hungry, I eat a peanut butter granola bar.
if I'm craving chocolate, I eat a chocolate covered granola bar.

insert workout here {4-7p depending on the day}

Dinner{5-8p depending on the day}
My portion size and if I eat the starch, depends on how many calories I have left, but I eat whatever my husband makes for dinner that night.
Chicken and rice
Chicken Marsala
Steak and potatoes
Roast & potatoes
Chicken Alfredo
Homemade pizza
Chicken/Beef tacos

if I have calories left...
a glass of wine
a can of Mountain Dew
a scoop of ice cream
a piece of chocolate

Again, I am no physician, dietitian, or supermodel, but for me it's all about being able to eat what I like, in moderation and staying active throughout the week.  For the most part, I have cut all drinks besides water since they are empty calories.

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