Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jordyn Lynn {2 Years}

Jordyn Lynn | 2 Years Old

I've been avoiding this post because I don't want to believe it's possible that my baby girl is TWO!  I have no words to describe how absolutely amazing it has been to watch you grow from a newborn to a baby and now a toddler.  

You are very independent.  You prefer to dress yourself {socks, shoes, & coat included}. You take our finger and walk us to whatever you want to show us.  You only cuddle at night when you're tired.  You  go to bed so easily, and always request a book and your sippy cup {sometimes a toy, too}. You take one afternoon nap a day {1-2 hours}

You are a kind and an amazing Big Sister.  You love to give Cullyn hugs and kisses and always ask about him when you're separated.  You love your daycare sitter {Miss Kristie} and friends {especially Cohen and Miles}.  Your favorite friends are Emmett, Bryn, and Thomas.  You also like the girls at the gym daycare.  You love to color and make pictures.

You are smart.  You LOVE books and request to read dozens each day.  You can sing your ABC's and count to 15.  You repeat anything and understand way more than you should be able to! :)  Common phrases from you are 'NO MAMA, No Murdock, Me do it, read book, Jordy do, where dada, where cully, cheese when you want your photo taken, call when you want to FaceTime family, roni when you want to eat macaroni, and wanna walk.  You love iPhone games {wanna play a game.  pwease?} and take really good selfless.  You even post photos to Instagram when mama isn't' looking! :)  You're fascinated with the moon and trucks {like semis and big trucks on the road}.  You potty trained in less than a week {the week of your 2nd birthday}.

You are active and musical.  You LOVE to sing, clap, and jump.  You clap and say yay after every song--even on the radio {clearly you've been to several live music performances, but it's totally adorable!}  You don't like when mama sings {haha!} and always request daddy sing and/or play his guitar for you.  You can keep a beat like no other toddler I've met.  You can sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy, Bitsy Spider, 'our song', and your favorite, the Hello Song.  You like swimming lessons and love tumbling class.  You also enjoy library programs and zoo tunes.  You love Barney, but only watch it at daycare {you still don't watch TV at home}.

You are healthy and strong.  You weigh 25lbs. 2oz. {30%}, you are 32.5" tall {24%}, and your head circumference is 18" {54%}.  You just got tubes, but for the most part you're a very healthy and active girl.  You are a picky eater, but you eat well.  You eat many fruits and vegetables; bananas and lima beans are your favorite.  You just started eating panini's and spaghetti/lasagna.  Your favorite foods are macaroni & cheese, pizza {cheese} and popcorn.

I'm so blessed to be your mama.  I cannot wait to watch you become a little girl this year!
Love you to the moon & back…..Mama

*Sorry for the terrible quality of these photos…I have no idea when is going on with Blogger. :(


  1. She is soo cute!! Love her leopard print!! Lol!! 2!!! Didn't you just have her!?!? Lol

  2. You forgot "I need that" :)


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