Monday, January 27, 2014

This & That {v.4}

Did this:
Had dinner with Auntie Ashie & Uncle Myles now that they're back from Nashille
Cullyn is going up stairs {not down yet}
Uga celebrated his 7th birthday
Cullyn had his 9 month well check
I finished the book Summer in Napa {okay, not great}
Had a newborn photoshoot and Auntie Jessie took the kids for the morning
Jess and I took the kids to an indoor playground area for the afternoon
Jordyn spent the day with the big girls {Gram, Auntie Ashie & Auntie Esha, and me} while dress shopping
We went to my niece Vanessa {17} and nephew Peyton's {7} birthday party
The kids are spending the week with Gram {my mom} because our sitter has the week off
Adam and I went to the casino, where I played BINGO, for an afternoon date

Instagrammed that:

Shot this: 

Edited that:

Scheduled this:
M: This & That {v.4}
T: Jordyn's Special Day 
W: 2013 Lakehouse Updates & Mental Health Day
T: Cullyn {9 Months}
F: Photos on Friday {M Family Photoshoot}

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  1. Love that pic of Murdock !!!! He looks like such a gentleman!
    Hope you enjoy your time off mama, without missing the. Too much! I'm sur the house is quiet!!


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