Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That time I judged... #RegrettingIt

In an effort to be more raw this year, I'm posting this.  I try to post positive things that are fun to look back on, but this time in our lives must be documented.  {Obviously  I am making the best of it, enjoying the snuggles, and know deep down that it really is 'just a {REALLY LONG} phase'. Someday I'll sleep again!} :) Don't send hate mail.
I used to be one of those crazy organized, never late, remembered every special date kind of people.

And then I had Jordyn.

But I was still fairly on top of the things.  The major things at least.  The house was always picked up.   My kid was always bathed and dressed well, etc.  We had a good schedule.  We made time for friends.  The second she got into something or made a peep, I picked her up/redirected her/gave her my attention.

And then I had Cullyn.

And holy hell!

You guys, I'm sucking!  Both as a wife a mama and a friend.  We miss appointments.  I have to think back to the last day they had a bath.  I'm lucky if they're both clothed {forget the cute, matching outfits!}.  Half of the time people probably think we're homeless!  I live for days that we see family so they can 'take a turn.' {I NEVER pass up offers for help anymore--Just ask my mom!}.  And unless my kids are 'hurt crying' I don't even bother running over to them.

Why you ask?

Because my youngest kid hates sleep.  I know, I know.  It's all about good sleep habits.  A nightly routine.  A light napping schedule throughout the day.  Enough food/formula intake.  Swaddling. CIO.  White noise.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  We have tried it all.  It's not that I'm a heartless mom. I still want the best for my kids.  I still love them with my everything.  The truth is, I just plain don't have energy for the little things anymore.  I would take a 10 minute nap over almost anything these days.

So, until my kid decides sleep isn't so bad, I'll just be rocking the bags under my eyes and homeless look wondering if there is any way I can take back all of those judgements I said about kids dictating parents.  And to all of my friends that I used to hang out with, I love you and hopefully we can connect again before our kids graduate high school.

-One Tired Mama

PS...It's a good thing you're really cute Cully! :)  I love you!

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  1. HA!!!!! I blogged about sleep today too. I totally get every single thing you said here. I thought exactly the same thing about kids dictating parents, and I was so, so wrong!

    Here's hoping for LOTS of sleep in 2014 ;)


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