Monday, January 6, 2014

This & That {v.1}

This weekend was so awesome just staying in and hanging out with my family, we actually slowed down and took time to play and make each other happy.  It was wonderful.  We have set the bar high for 2014.  I can't wait!! 
Did this:
Survived the holidays!
Took the kids {w/ my oldest niece} to Noon-Year's Eve at the Library
Celebrated New Year's Eve with the kids, my niece, and best friend Jess and her boys at a local kid, blow up event and then McDonalds.  We know how to party! :)
Spend the night sleeping with J in the living room under her teepee! 
Watched tons of movies!
Took Jordyn to the doctor
Snuggled two sick kids {just colds}
C slept 11 hours with only ONE wake up {one night}
Edited two photo sessions
Finished one book, read another, and started a third
J learned about the color 'pink' 

Instagrammed that:

Edited this: 

Watched this:
Temptation | Hangover 3 | White House Down | The Internship | Two Guns | We're the Millers
Scheduled that:

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  1. Sounds like the new year has brought a lot of fun your way!! Yay a for C sleeping through one night!! I bet you felt like a new person after haha.


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