Thursday, January 9, 2014

Paying it Forward in 2014

One of my 2014 resolutions is to pay if forward each month.  So I made a plan of some simple {budget-friendly} things we plan to do each month this year.  

In addition to the list, I hope to do other Random Act of Kindness throughout the year.  Like last week when I took Jordyn to the pediatrician for an impromptu appointment first thing in the morning, and we took donuts with us for the staff.  

Other RAoK or PIF ideas...

Donate books to the library 
Donate children's DVD's to the Children's hospital/clinic or dentist office
Donate games to an after school program 
Donate old sheets, towels and newspaper to the animal shelter 
Leave love notes for your husband or children
Let someone go in front of you in line
Volunteer with a new charity 

Bake cookies  to take to work, daycare, etc.
Bring coffee to a friend who had a long night {break up, loss in the family, new baby}
Bring treats to work for coworkers 
Leave potted flowers on your neighbor or friends doorstep 
Lighten a friend's load {help get ready for a garage sale, take photos for her, watch her kids}
Offer to babysit for friends so they can have a free night out 
Prepare a meal for a new mom or for a friend in need 
Send a box of sunshine to a friend having a rough time 
Send a care package to a new mom 
Send a friend flowers for no reason 
Send a thinking of your card to a friend
Support a small business a friend is building 
Write a thank you note to your child's teacher 

Bring coffee to your tax office during tax season 
Bring cookies to nurses at the hospital 
Donate to a special cause { is a great site}
Donate school supplies to a local school, library, or church
Give a grocery store gift card to the person behind me
Give a stranger a lottery ticket 
Make & deliver treats for firefighters
Leave a gift card in a book a the library with a note 
Leave an extra tip for a server at a restaurant 
Leave a treat and thank you note for the mail carrier 
Pay for the person in line behind you
Put money in a vending machine without buying anything
Return a cart for someone at the grocery store {as a mom, this is a HUGE help!}
Send a care package to a soldier 
Sponsor a child/family for the holidays 
Take flowers to the hospital, ask a nurse to give them to someone who could use them
Tape quarters to a candy machine 

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