Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mental Health Day

I played hookie for the first time in my life yesterday.  It felt so good.  I decided the night before that it was needed.  Truth is, work has been tough lately, to put it mildly.  Lots of changes going on, and we all know I'm not the best with change.  And I constantly have anxiety about all.of.the.things that need done.  So, I took the day to catch up on everything.

I started the day by running 5 miles {longest distance ever!} at the gym

Then came home and edited a few thousand photos 5 photography sessions while 'watching' {I never 'watch' tv, I just listen and glance up now and then when something catches my attention.  Is this how all mama's watch TV?} 3 episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, 3 episodes of Duck Dynasty, and 2 episodes of Law & Order SUV {If you can't tell, I didn't move much from the couch all day}  Other than that, I did some laundry, responded to all emails & messages, and scheduled a few blog posts.

Adam brought home sushi & wine and then we spent the evening watching movies & eating popcorn for a little at home date night.

I also got to Face Time with the kids morning, noon, AND night! :)  *How did mama's do it before FT?!
Now the only thing I'm 'behind' on is photo books for the kids for the past 9 months.  So basically what I'm saying is that I need another mental health day or two before I'm actually caught up! :)


  1. So glad you took time for you!! I loved those days!!

  2. Ugh can I take a mental health WEEK?

  3. I do the same thing with TV. I can't JUST watch TV. I have to be doing something else - texting, FBing, playing games on my iPad.


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