Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Overnighter with the Nieces & Nephews

On this freezing cold {seriously, -35 with windchill} day, all I can think about is the warm, sunshiny days at the lake to get me though.  Here are some of the photos from a weekend at the lake with our nieces and nephews this summer.  These weekends are my absolute favorite times with our nieces and nephews.  We get time to really sit down and talk about everything, and nothing.  Such special memories! :)

They swing on the tire swing and play in the hammock.

They splash in the water table on the deck.  {pre-siding, or maybe mid-siding is more appropriate}

Then they cool off on the 'beach'

And bring beach bags down on old bikes when their aunt forgets them inside! :)

And play with other cousins

And drink cold soda from a straw

And pose for photos when their Aunt makes them!

Just one is never enough! :)

They cool off in the lake

And everything is a competition! :)

But they always look out for each other! :)

They come back to the house for homemade chicken fingers

and pizza roll ups from Uncle Adam on the deck.  {those photos do NO justice!}

Then baths and showers for all

Before we start a campfire




Followed by bedtime for the littles

and movies


and popcorn for the big kids

Then we fill them up with sugary donuts before sending them home

Just like good Aunts and Uncles do! :)

The last time I wrote about being an aunt is here

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  1. Awww, you guys are fun aunt & uncle! All of our nieces & nephews are still so young that if we tried to hang with all of them at once, it'd be like running a day care. I can't wait till they're older and we can do this kind of thing too!


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