Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sick Little Boy

You guys, I am not one to ask for help, but I'm about at my breaking point.  At first I felt like I was treading water, now it's more like drowning.  Cullyn has been sick for 10 days.  Not eating. Nothing but diarrhea. Spitting up.  Not Sleeping,  HORRIBLE diaper rash.  Crying.  Oh, the crying.  Sometimes a whimper, often times a scream. Mostly at night {of course}.

It started on Sunday night.  By Wednesday, my sister convinced me to take him in.  In an effort to night miss work, again, we took him to Urgent Care.  Long story short, we got a horrible doctor that told me he had a diaper rash from teething {although we all know you don't get diaper rashes from teething, but whatever}.  We got Monistat from the drugstore and went home.  {ears looked fine, which was my biggest concern}.  so his ears look good, I'm told he's teething and essentially 'suck it up' from the lovely doctor we saw.  fine.

Friday night we were at the lake house.  My {super amazing, what would I do without her?!} mom too the night shift {like she has every.single.night. since we've had kids}.  That night?  Cullyn didn't sleep. Like maybe a hour all put together.  Saturday morning we decided he should be seen, again.  I quickly called one of the doctors I worked for {just to be sure I wasn't overreacting} and he said to have him see at the Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic.  So we head back home to see another doctor.  This one was good.  He told me Cullyn was 'just teething' and took a blood sample. His ears still looked fine.  He thought it was viral and said our biggest battle would be keeping him hydrated until it runs its course.  The blood test {white blood cell count} came back good, ruling out any major, horrible issues.  so his ears still look good, not 'just teething', not overreacting  he needs 13 ounces of fluids a day to stay hydrated-if not go to the emergency room, give Tylenol and Motrin.

Sunday night he sleeps great.

Monday the sitter calls and says he isn't happy.  Adam leaves work and picks the kids up.  He does pretty good at home.  A little needy, but can be calmed.

Monday night he sleeps good

Tuesday the sitter texts at 9a.  I leave work and take Cullyn to our pediatrician.   His ears still look fine.  She gives us Cavilon {once a day}, burn cream {twice a day}, soy formula {to give his tummy a break}, and start his probiotic again.  Takes a stool sample to rule our Rotavirus and C-Diff. She thinks he has a virus because of the medications he was on for his {ongoing} ear infection.  He's acting quite a bit better.  He is pretty happy unless he has a dirty diaper.  {which is every 30-60 minutes}

Tuesday night he doesn't sleep well.

Wednesday my MIL {bless her soul!} watches both of the kids.  He's pretty happy all day.  Our pediatrician calls to confirm that he does have C-Diff {I was told not to google it}.  The medications he was on for his ears killed all of the bacteria {both good and bad}.  She prescribed Flagyl {a different antibiotic} and said we should start to see results in 3-5 days.

Wednesday night he sleeps horrible.  I don't mind being up with the kids when they're sick and they just wanted cuddled and rocked by their mam, but they are up all night and I can't do a dang thing to soothe them?  It fricking SUCKS!  Last night Cully would only calm down with Adam.  {breaks my heart even more}


And now you've been caught up.  If you read all of that you're amazing.

Basically?  If you want to test your marriage, have a sick boy that nobody thinks is really sick and you don't know what it is.  Of course every time we were at the doctor he was happy as a clam.  I swear I'm going to start recording what it's like at home and bringing it to the doctor!

To say we're all worn down is an understatement.  I left work Tuesday and just bawled in the elevator.  I'm sick of having a sick, sad little boy.  I am SUPER behind at work.  I have TONS of photoshoots and editing to do.  And to top it off?  I have some sort of bug now.  What I wouldn't do for a night at a hotel {haha!}

Before you feel too bad for us, my parents are coming down so we can go to a concert with friends on Saturday night.  And while I know this sucks, I know this too shall pass.  I'm just whining because this is my space and I can.  It sure does make me thankful to have healthy babies.  I don't know how parents do it with chronically ill children.  My heart goes out to you for doing this day in and day out.


  1. Poor little boy! I took Flagyl once and it was AWFUL. I will never take it again. It made me nauseous and the only way to not feel like that was to eat - constantly. I relate it to morning sickness. It also gave me a metallic taste in my mouth 24/7 and it made me irritable and depressed for the entire 10 days I was on it. Poor little boy - he probably is feeling better, but if he has any of the side effects I did (all listed online - I looked it up after the fact because I didn't want it to be all in my head), that's probably what's making him feel so bad. I literally am a cheerful person 99.9% of the time and this stuff made me the most depressed and irritated I've ever been. I took the stuff about 3 (4?) years ago, and I still have vivid memories of being in the car and just thinking "I just hate my life right now!" which is so NOT me!

  2. I am so sorry he's going through this. I know it's hard, but he should get better soon! Hopefully you'll all get some rest once he is fully recovered. You're doing a great job mama!

  3. Abby, You were born to be a mama. You are doing an awesome job and it shines through in the faces of your babies. I know it is overwhelming when they are sick and you can second guess yourself sometimes. Don't do that. No one knows your kids like you do, always stick with your instincts. Here is hoping to better days (and nights!) ahead for you and your little ones!

  4. I'm super behind on reading blogs. So sorry for you all. Cayden had C.Diff a few months ago and it was after he had been on an antibiotic also. We were put on the special medicine that has to be made at a special pharmacy. After we finished it and he seemed fine for a week or two, he started getting weird again and still tested positive so we had to go through two rounds of the medicine. It was a pain!! I so feel for you! Thankfully we didn't have any dr think we were overreacting because our first clue something was wrong was bloody diapers and we brought one with us and he had another one while we were in the office so they could culture while we were there. I hope by now you've gotten through the sickness!!!


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