Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch {2013}

We may have went to a dozen pumpkin patches last year, but this year we struck out on so many {didn't open this year, not open on Fridays, closed before we got there, etc.} that we decided to just find one good one an spend our time there.  So we headed back to Uncle Bill's Pumpkin Patch near our lake house.  It started off a little chilly, but the sun came out and it's warmed up.  It was kind of nice because it wasn't too packed.  We had a fun time just roaming around at our own pace.  Jordyn played on the toys, Jordyn and I took a pedal tractor ride, the whole family took the big tractor out to the field so Jordyn could pick pumpkins out for the her and Cullyn.  We had a fun time.  It's crazy to believe Jordyn was the baby in the pile of pumpkins last year! :(  

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