Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jordyn's First Surgery {tubes}

Well we survived Jordyn's first surgery.  Luckily  it was planned, and minor {5 minutes long & outpatient}.  It went smoother than I had anticipated {read: they didn't have to rip her out of her sobbing mother's arms!}.  We really like our ENT and the anesthesiologist & the team of nurses have the process down smooth.  It's quick.  Before you know it, it's done.  

I didn't quite realize how groggy she would be when they brought her back to us, but I'm glad they gave her back to us early so she could 'wake up' in our arms.  We also learned that anesthesia makes Jordy a bit agitated {well that and little sleep combined anyways!}.  Once she took an afternoon nap and had supper she was back to herself! :)  She is so tough!

Although she did come into our room in the middle of the night last night {which has NEVER happened!}  She 'snuggled' with us for a bit.  Since this was the first time that has ever happened, I was thrilled!  

Drops twice a day for 5 days and a recheck in 2 weeks.  Hopefully she won't have anymore ear infections after this!!

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  1. Poor girl. Glad she is doing so well. So tough and such a trooper!


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