Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cullyn {5 Months}

Happy 5 Months Little Man!
I can't believe you're FIVE months already.  It's been the quickest 5 months of my life!  

Let's start by stating you have almost no schedule.  We totally go with the flow now.  You like to sleep in {just like your daddy} but you also like to wake us up 2-12 times a night--darn teeth!  We give you your binky and you go right back to sleep {thank God!}  It's a good thing you're the cutest baby ever {& I know that despite the nights being long the weeks really do go by too fast, so we're trying to treasure each moment we get with you--no matter the time of day/night!}  You tend to sleep better when you're swaddled {with your arms out}.  You take 2-3 naps a day {depending on our night} and eat four seven-ounce bottles throughout the day.  

Although your legs are nothing compared to your sisters at this age, they are getting a little bigger. :)  You weigh almost 15lb. 2 oz.  You wear size 3 diapers {Luvs or Up & Up} and 0-3, 3 month, & 3-6 month clothes {depending on the brand}

You also moved to your crib {which was a huge deal for mama, but you didn't notice a difference at all!}  :)  When you wake for your binky around 5am we bring you to bed with us to snuggle until sissy gets up.  {You always fall back asleep during this time}.
You started rolling over!  Both front to back and back to front.  You are so strong.  You sit up well in your bouncer & bumbo seats.
You're getting so much better in the car now {it must have just been a phasethankfully!}  You are officially addicted to your binky.  We wouldn't even think of going anywhere without it {should be interesting in about 7 months!} :/  I assume it's because you've been 'teething' for soooo long!  So much drool, but still no teeth. :(
You also have been sick.  You have had a cold & your second double ear infection all month.  boo.  :(  We have seen your pediatrician lots this month! :/  I can't believe we will be celebrating your 1/2 birthday when I update next…where has the time gone?!
Love you to the moon & back!
Mama and Daddy

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