Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jordyn Lynn | 23 Months

You speak in full sentences now {although we don't alway understand them} :)
You are independent, beautiful, & loving.
Your feet have grown like crazy this past month.  Your size 5.5 Keens barely fit and your size 6 Nikes {that you've worn like twice} are almost too small.  Good thing you have a birthday coming up! :)
You love to pull our hands and say 'up, Mama' or 'mere, Mama' when you want to show me something. {it's the cutest thing ever!}
You've been fighting a brutal ear infection, but you're taking it like a champ.  We have an appointment with the ENT this afternoon.  
You still love to carry purses and you always take your shoes {& socks} off when you're riding in the car.  You actually prefer to be barefoot as much as possible, even when you're walking on gravel.  {should make for an interesting winter!} :)
You started tumbling this month and you love it so much!  

*People look at me like I'm a freak when I say your 23 months…I guess I'm just holding on to the 'months' thing as long as I can.  I just can't say that I have a TWO year old {I can't believe it either!}.  


  1. I can't believe it either! Just think though, you can refer to her as your two year old until the day she turns 3, so there's that. ;) What a cutie!


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