Friday, July 19, 2013

Cullyn {3 Months}

Happy 3 months sweet baby!  
You have changed so much physically this month; you no longer look like a newborn, but a baby.  So bittersweet!  You've found your hands and it's!  You're constantly sucking and chewing on them!  You are also starting to get a bald spot, but it isn't terribly bad.  
You eat 4-5oz. of Formula at 4a, 8a, noon, 4p, & 8p.  You were spitting up and acting like you had tummy aches with the Up and Up formula, so we tried several different kinds to see if we can find the one you like best.  You weigh approximately 13.3 pounds now.  

You still sleep in the pack and play next to mama.  If there is one thing I learned from watching your sister grow, it's that these milestones fly by so fast. I am in no rush to push you from one milestone to the next.  I'm trying to keep you my little baby forever!  You typically go to bed between 8 & 9pm, I wake you to eat at 4 and put you right back in your crib at 4:30.  You usually wake up for the day between 7 and 8am.  Daddy changes you, feeds you, and gets you ready for daycare each morning.

You are such a happy baby, even though you have had a terrible chest cold the past week.  You smile so much!  You love to look at ceiling fans and your sister.  We see you focusing more every day and following movement.  You love when we talk to you, especially Grandma!  You still rarely fuss, but your worst time of day is probably between 6 & 7pm.  You're tired, but it's too soon to go to bed. 
You're still in Size 1 Pampers diapers {but switching soon} and your onsies and clothes are 0-3 months.  And you love your binkie!

You're getting so big and so much fun, your personality is starting to shine through and your Daddy and I are bursting at the seems!  You are the perfect addition to this family!
Love you to the moon & back!
Mama and Daddy


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