Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chicago {advice needed!}

Our summer has been so incredibly busy that I almost forgot we planned a trip to Chicago!  

I've done the whole downtown {shopping and theater} thing a few times before.  This trip is about my hubby.  He is a die hard Cubs fan who has yet to go to Wrigley Field {or Chicago for that matter}.  So this tip we're staying near Wrigley and doing {mostly} things he might be interested in.  So...I need suggestions for things to do near Wrigley Field.  

We'll be there for a long weekend, with my sisters and their men, and without our children.  Have you done any fun activities in Chicago?  Any awesome restaurants/bars you recommend?  

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  1. OMG he is going to LOVE Wrigley! I was JUST THERE in June and it was my first time at the field.

    Before the game we ate at this awesome place called Goose Island. There's one right near Wrigley (like walking distance) and I would HIGHLY recommend it. Here's the website: http://www.gooseisland.com/?redirect=%2Fpages%2Fhome%2F56.php


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