Monday, March 25, 2013

{this & that} of the Weekend

Did this:

Shot a Gender Reveal Session Thursday evening

Took Murdock to a {scheduled} Vet appointment {will post an update soon}

Got groceries at 5a

Spent Friday - Sunday at the Lakehouse

Hung out with my inlaws all day Friday while the hubby worked

Butchered a hog {a first for me} on Saturday

Went to bed while guests where hanging in my living room {most certainly not a first for me!}

Played games in front of the fireplace at the lakehouse while it snowed 

Instagrammed that:

Bought this: 

...Jordyn's Newborn - 3 Month & 3-6 Month Photobooks!  {Will post soon!}
...We had awesome plans to go shopping at the outlet mall close to the lakehouse, but with the snow that came it we decided it wouldn't be all that fun pushing strollers though the outdoor mall!  :(  {hurry up Spring!!!}

Ate that: 

a bunch of smoked meat!  Adam smoked pork and {tons of} jerky all day Sunday

Shot this:

J&J Gender Reveal

Scheduled that:
This & That of the Weekend
J at 17 Months
H2 | 36 Weeks
Bryn's 16 Month Photoshoot

Ended this:

...What did you do this weekend?


  1. Congrats to Hilary!! But damn!! Haha
    Sounds like a great weekend!!

  2. Love this post!!! Hope M is doing well. You have been a busy mama!!

  3. Yay me! :-) Thanks for doing this giveaway - I'm excited!


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