Friday, March 1, 2013

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The best breakfast I had was Mama's.  I read that the eggs benedict is amazing, but I ordered the crab, egg, and cheese breakfast croissant -- HEAVENLY!!  A line forms outside the restaurant and they only take a few at a time since the whole restaurant seats about 30 people.  I went on a weekday morning and luckily made the first group in, but I was the last person.  I will definitely be back next time I'm in San Francisco!!
Saturday morning before my flight I went to the Ferry Market Building.  I had ACME Bread as I heard good things about it.  A line also forms here, so go early!  This was the most soft, flaky and flavorful piece of bread I had this trip!  So very good.  And if you were staying somewhere with a kitchen, I would stop by early on your trip to stock up on fresh bread!

and by 'fom' I do mean from! :)  Either way...this isn't notable, it was yucky!!
My first night in town I was hungry since I hadn't eaten all day, but too tired from traveling to venture far.  The bell boy recommended Zero Zero.  It was within walking distance from my hotel.  I'm so glad I went.  It was late, but I got a seat by the window and had an amazing Brick Oven Margarita pizza.  Great sauce and awesome fresh mozzarella and basil.  I recommend this resturant!

The next afternoon I had Tony's Pizza.  This place only makes 73 Brick Oven Margarita Pizzas a day, so you have to go early.  They start by bringing you some homemade garlic bread with three different dipping sauces--oh my gosh...yummy!  Then, they bring your pizza, by far the thinnest pizza I've ever had.  But it was SO GOOD!  I highly recommend this place as well!  YUMMY!!

Since I over did it {too much walking up hills} on the first day, I decided to stay in this night.  I ordered in from one of the few places that delivered right to my hotel room.  Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this joint.  Where their communication lacks {they seriously called me FIVE times about my order} the food makes up for it!  I've had my share of Chicken Fried Rice, but this had the most flavor ever!  

The next afternoon I wanted to try the food carts.  Unfortunately, the good ones were just too far away. So I took the bus to some that are setup in a parking lot permanently, called SOMA [south of Market area] StrEATfood.  Funny little side note here...I got kicked off the bus a few miles out for having an expired bus pass.  I learned the hard way that a 3 day bus pass is not a 72 hour bus pass! :(  Nevertheless, these food carts were a huge disappointment.  If I go back to a food cart, I will time it when they're close enough or drive up North to the good ones. *No worries, one food cart took debit cards {all I had} so I was able to get some cash to purchase a bus pass back to my hotel that night.  Also?  I found out later that where I got kicked off the bus is the worst street in all of San Francisco, the one that had a drive-by the week before.  Thankfully all the bad buys must have taken pity on the waddling, preggo lady walking the streets clueless!  

After the bomb of a night the night before, I decided to stay close the next night.  I asked concierge for recommendations for something quick and simple.  She recommended Super Duper {burgers} which were directly behind my hotel.  I am so glad she recommended this place!  I'll admit, the chicken sandwich I ordered wasn't that flavorful and the garlic, cheese fries where very garlicky  But the one thing that made this a win?  Their chocolate milkshake!  Oh my gosh...heavenly!  Such awesome ice cream and they even put graham cracker crumbs on the top.  I'm not a huge shake person, but I gulped this down in no time!  Go just for the chocolate won't regret it!  :)

I ate at the Cowgirl Creamery twice.  It's located in the Ferry Market Building.  The first time was for lunch when I ordered the homemade mac & cheese.  Simply amazing...wonderful cheeses!  So good that I went back the morning before my flight and got their Crusties.  Basically like an open faced grilled cheese {with awesome cheeses and a mustard sauce}.  Another win!  I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong at this place!  Another must go!  


Kara's Cupcakes is located in Ghirardelli Square, but they have locations all around San Francisco, including the airport.  Super yummy!

Ghirardelli chocolates are all over San Francisco, but this was right from Ghirardelli Square.  Man does fresh chocolate taste so much better than when you get it from the local Target!  I could eat my weight in this chocolate!  :)

Norman's Ice Cream is by Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square.  I heard awesome things, so I went.  I ordered a scoop of a fancy chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone.  She noticed I was pregnant and insisted that I choose another flavor, confused I said the name of another ice cream.  She proceeded to put a tiny little scoop of it on the top.  Supposedly it's good luck for the baby! :)  How sweet was that?!  Also, as I was walking to a little table outside I noticed they won an award for their sundae {whoops, should have tried that!} Either way the ice cream was awesome, and I would love to go back!  

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