Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend {through IG}

Another weekend is gone.  I can't believe we're almost 1/2 way through FEBRUARY!! We didn't have anything planned this weekend and it was SO nice to just stay in and lounge.  I didn't put makeup on all weekend, heavenly!! :)  I feel so much more prepared for the week when we don't run around, non-stop all weekend!

Friday J and I ran personal & photography errands in the morning.  That night I was supposed to take photos, but they ended up rescheduling, so Jordyn and I joined Adam and band practice.  We don't do that very often [okay, I think this was J's first time ever going!], so it was nice.

Saturday we had breakfast together and spent the rest of the day lounging and playing with J.  Auntie Ashy came over part of the day and we watched '5 Year Engagement.'  [It was okay, funny parts, but overall a pretty boring movie]  That evening Adam took J to run a few errands so I took a nice, long bubble bath!

Sunday I let Adam sleep in [well, only until 8:45am, but that is still sleeping in post children! :] and that afternoon he hung a bunch of stuff in the play room, so hopefully we'll have that finished soon!!  Over the course of the weekend we finished Sons of Anarchy Season 4 and all of SOA Season 5!  We love that show!  Sad that we have to wait until this fall for the next season to come out, but so glad that we're finally caught up! :)

::I didn't leave the house all weekend, but what did you do?
and of course, most of these photos were on IG this weekend.  If you're not following me {or I'm not following you!} you can find me here.  Happy Week!

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