Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Late to the party {as usual}

::First, this is not a sponsored post::  ::secondly, apparently I'm very long winded today!::

Let's chat 'movies' shall we?  In the winter, the hubs and I like to rent quite a few of them because we don't take the time to watch much in the Summer.

I'm cheap, so I've tried Redbox because they're cheap.  Well, they used to be anyways.  They've upped the price of those suckers!  And they're pretty picky about their return policy.  So, pretty much every movie was costing us $3 or so.  Not huge, but like I said we rent a lot. Plus let's not even get started on their crappy selection!

We like our local Blockbuster store which is also about 1 mile away.  They have a much better selection, but they are even more expensive then Redbox and again, we were forever getting late fees.  But the most annoying thing of all...for MONTHS I've been going in there {often} to get my hands on a copy of Sons of Anarchy:Season 4 and they never have it!  Irritating!  [Sidenote: We watched seasons 1-3 last winter, but missed season 4 when it was airing on TV, it finally came out on DVD and we were never able to get a copy, but in the meantime, we've been recording season 5 on our DVD, talk about a tease!  how was that for a run-on?!]

And then I discovered Blockbuster's monthly program.  You know, like Netflix.  But we never signed up for Netflix because we don't internet at home, I know gasp!  [We both work on computers all day, so we don't get on them much once we're home, plus who really has time to get on their computer with a little kid, hello grabby little 'helper' fingers and I really just want mama's attention cries.  We only get a few hours each night with her, so that's where we spend our time at night.  Plus, if we actually need it, we can use our phones or usually sneak it from the neighbor for a bit.] Plus, who wants to wait days to snail mail a DVD back and forth?!  But, with Blockbuster, you can sign up for a monthly package [1 disc for $10/mo, 2 discs for $15/mo, or 3 discs for $20/mo] and you exchange them in the store or take it to the store and they'll mail you something [like Sons of Anarchy Season 4] from your queue online once it hits the store's return box.  So you can watch watch a movie marathon all weekend and keep exchanging discs at the store, or you can have them mail you something from your list [like a high demand, always out of the store movie or show] for like $10/month.  Plus you can keep a movie as long as you want without paying a late fee.  How amazing it that?

::Wow, I'm officially an old, married, mama with no life if I analyze movie rentals like this::  :)

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