Saturday, December 1, 2012

My 30 Days of Thanks

I know not everyone is a fan of the whole 30 days of Thanks that is all over FB every November [usually those who aren't in a happy place in their life, but that's neither here nor there] are my some of the things I'm thankful for straight off my Facebook page.  

Nov1: I'm thankful for my MIL for rearranging her schedule to watch Miss J whenever we need her to.

Nov:2 I'm thankful for each of my photography clients for choosing me and being flexible with my crazy're making my dreams come true one day at a time! :)

Nov3: Today I'm thankful for Grandparents. Both getting to see all of mine to today and for Jordyn's. I woke up today and she was sitting reading books with Grandpa. :)

Nov4: Today I am thankful for an extra hour of sleep! :)

Nov5: Thankful for the 15 minutes of snuggles I got with my little girl before work this morning...that rarely happens.

Nov6: I am thankful today is voting day and that by tomorrow it's over and we can all go back to our normal lives.

Nov 7: I'm thankful for family nights. Our weeks fill up fast, but I'm looking forward to a night at home tonight.

Nov 8: Today I'm thankful for all of Jordyn's little friends. It is the coolest thing ever to watch her play with all of our friend's kids!

Nov9: so much to be thankful for today...started with Adam skipping boys night so I could go to girls night. Thankful my daughter slept 12 hours without waking at 3am. Thankful for my our health & that my niece was released from the hospital today.

Nov10: thankful for this amazing weather for my photoshoots & clients that are willing to drive hours to come see me! :)

Nov 11: Thankful for all of our veterans. You've done something I'll never be able to do...thank you!

Nov12: Today I'm thankful for the heater in my was it cold this morning!

Nov13: I'm thankful that the Klostermann's brought Adam some Ting home from Jamaica. I've heard him whine about not having it since our wedding 3 years ago...thank you for making his YEAR!

Nov14:Thankful for yummy, warm meals. Both homecooked by my hubby like last night or at a resturant with friends like tonight!

Nov15: I'm thankful Jordyn sleeps on her tummy and when she got sick last night for the first time she didn't choke, because she didn't make a peep. Thankfully Adam checked on her before coming to bed. First bath in the middle of the night. I also now understand why people say to have lots of extra sheets clean and ready.

Nov16: Thankful for hair dye & hairdressers that can work magic! :) After 9 months this trip is MUCH needed! :)
Nov17: So thankful for awesome aunties! Jordyn has 4 great ones. They're always willing to take J for a night away or play with her for a few hours so we can get things done. — with Allison Pargeon and 3 others.

Nov 18: Thankful for afternoon naps! Especially when my daughter takes a 2 hour rare, but SO awesome! Perfect for a Sunday!

Nov19:I'm thankful for short work weeks! Nothing better than a couple of extra days with friends and family!

Nov20: Thankful for online shopping! Because of it, I've got almost all of my nieces and nephews Christmas gifts purchased! :)

Nov21: I'm thankful my sister got her flights figured out and landed safely in AZ. Also thankful she has such a great family of {future} in-laws to be with this Thanksgiving. 

Nov22: Thankful for wonderful Thanksgiving hosts and that both of our families can come together to celebrate the holidays.

Nov23:Thankful for Black Friday shipping! Always great memories & deals. Done shopping [for now] for Jordyn & the nieces/nephews. Now, just parents and little exchange gifts left.

Nov24:Thankful for small boutiques. Made for a full day of shopping in Pella and Grinnell with my my mom, mil, and jordyn! Love finding all kinds of little things that big stores don't offer!

Nov25:Thankful to have an internet connection again. It was a long couple of days with no phone! :)

Nov26: Thankful for the Hubs.  He is my rock when I just want to crumble! Plus he is the best dad our little girl could ask for! Thank you for being you...kind, caring, helpful & rarely serious!! I love you more each day!

Nov27: Thankful for our puppy Murdock. He is the best pet a family could ask for; kind, loving, & so loyal! It's been a long year, but he's given us some of the best memories over the last 4 years [including but not limited to the time he pooped in the back of Adam's car!] We're trying new meds again and he seems to be breathing better already.
[Also thankful for our IA State vet Dr. Foster and especially for our primary vet Dr. Dotzenrod at Ankeny Animal Health Clinic for going above and beyond to support our decisions!]

Nov 28: Thankful for Jordyn and her sibling. Jordyn brings us SO much joy and happiness every single day. Can't wait to double that feeling this spring. SO thankful for healthy babies! Life would not be the same without you!

Nov 29: Today I'm thankful for Fantasy Football. As silly as it sounds I've had a great time competing with [insert friend's name's here].  Great memories & I've learned a little about football too! :)

Nov30: Thankful for completing this challenge for the first time ever.  I've started many times, but never followed through.  It made me look at things both small [like football and shopping] and large things like the gift of life.  

And of course I'm thankful for you!  

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