Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Girls Weekend {recap}

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Adam unexpectedly got Friday off, so we decided to go to the Lake House for a family night before he went hunting with the boys and I went shopping with the girls all weekend.  We started a fire, rented a movie, and Jordyn & I went to bed! :)

Jordyn, Murdock,  I drove to my parents house to hang out.  Little miss slept less than 30 minutes in the car, but thought she didn't need any more of a nap when we got to Grams, so we played on the stairs.   Jordyn was going up and down in no time.  We hung out and chatted at home that night.  Due to the lack of nap, J slept 12+ hours.

We met up with my aunt and cousins early, started the day at Panera Bread and then shopped shopped, and shopped.  Jordyn fell asleep on the way to Texas Roadhouse for lunch, giving her a 15 minute nap.  However, she was an absolute doll shopping all day...I couldn't have asked for a better girl!  Bonus...I got most of our Christmas shopping done.  Just need to get something for Adam's parents, our sitter, and 1 niece.  So.close!  Saturday night ended with carry out pizza & {sparkling} wine.

We had intentions of picking out the Christmas tree with my family, having lunch, and then heading home so J would nap in the car.  However, Jordyn woke with a cold so we pretty much relaxed, ate lunch, and headed home.  Jordyn slept almost 2 full hours on the way home!  Poor girl was exhausted!!  Adam came home early due to bad hunting and a case of the stomach flu.  He'd been getting sick since midnight Sunday morning.  :(  Sunday night was pretty low key at our place.  Not much but snuggles for the little miss.

Adam & Jordyn were feeling better, but Adam still made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup of everyone.  Even Jordyn LOVED it!  I got groceries and we caught up on laundry and some other house chores before our visitors arrive this weekend!! :)  

PS....65* in December, in Iowa all weekend?!  

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  1. Sounds good except for getting sick =-/ I'd kill for some homemade chicken noodle soup!


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