Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ten on tuesday..

..I'm more excited for the holidays this year than I ever remember being before.  Bring on the lights, decor, and christmas music!  Perhaps it's because it's the first time I've been preggo over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Let the family dinners begin! :)

..Our appliances get delivered to the lakehouse today, so ready for that!

..I know I said I would quit posting about Jordyn each month, but the closer she gets to 13 months, the more I feel I need to document a little.  I mean who doesn't want to remember that she loves to clap right now.  And that she opens her mouth completely to give kisses.  And bananas are her favorite thing ever!

..Next year, when I'm not preggo, I'm totally organizing a holiday bake day with all the awesome ladies in my life!

..Speaking of preggo...can you believe I'm {almost} 1/2 way done with this pregnancy?! 

..I'm craving a family vacation to Michigan this summer, but I started looking online and holy whoa!  Probably won't be able to swing that! :(

..Speaking of bills...we're going to have 'double daycare' for FOUR years...yowzers! 

..And more about money...I'm so, so, so wanting a minivan right now! 

..This 30 days of thanfulness has been awesome.  I've started it a couple of years, but never made it past a week or so.  I think I'll make a blogpost at the end with everything I chose to be thankful for this month. 

..My phone is almost 100% done.  It powers off for no reason and will say fully charged and quit.  Sometimes taking the battery out work, sometimes you just have to wait it out.  Very unreliable right now.  So?  I'm begging my husband to get iPhones.  The only problem with that is that we have to switch service providers and the carrier we use now is basically the only one that works at our lakehouse at all.

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