Monday, October 22, 2012

The Days Before

I'm an emotional basket case right now.  Pregnancy [1st day of my 2nd trimester, whoop whoop!] + baby girl turning 1 tomorrow = lots of emotions!!  So I apologize in advance if this post makes sense to nobody but myself! :)


This weekend was just the distraction I needed.  It was filled with lots of playing with my baby girl, catching up on errands, a couple of nights of fun with friends [& babies], and savoring the last of the fall/halloween activities.

Friday J and I hung out & ran errands [oil change, groceries, party shopping...].  That night we wen't over to a friends house [where we met new friends] and carved pumpkins with the kiddos.  So much fun!  Although Jordyn would disagree...getting stuffed into a cold, squishy pumpkin was not her thing!

We started Saturday off by sleeping in [almost 8:30am--holla!] but things quickly went downhill when we attempted take-2 of Jordyn's 1st Birthday Photos.  Why is it I can take photos of every kid but my own...not fair!  I'll attempt them for the 3rd time on her actual birthday, after that we'll just have to use what we got.  That afternoon we went to the zoo for Trick-or-Treating.  It was cute.  I imagine Jordyn will enjoy it much more when she's older.  Adam had a band gig out of town, so he took off just before dinner.  J and I snuggled and home and went to bed early.

Sunday we woke to Jordyn's eye being swollen [crusted?] shut.  So after a phone call to daddy & gram we were off to Urgent Care.  I just wanted to be sure it wasn't anything contagious.  Thankfully, it wasn't contagious, but we did get an ointment for her eye and an antibiotic for the lid.  She's already looking much better.  We came home after Urgent Care and daddy surprised us by being home early & with a Panera breakfast!  After a few more errands we went over to a friends house to watch the football games.  We left around 6pm to go to Living History Farms Trick-or-Treat event, but ended up going back to finish playing card games.  

Photos from the weekend will be added later

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